About Us

We Weigh Caravans | 4wd’s I Boats | Horse Floats | Motorhome | Trade Vehicles | Trade Trailers & Even Racing Cars.

Tyremasters Weigh My Vehicle is a go to local vehicle weighing service based in the Southern Highlands Region. We specialise in weighing cars, caravans, motorhomes and commercial vehicles. Our Tyremasters Weigh My Vehicle service has experience in industry standards for vehicle weight and can assist you in understanding the legal weight limit for your vehicle.

Commercial Vehicle Weighing

Importance of Vehicle Weight

Staying within the limits of your vehicle’s weight specifications is crucial for your vehicle’s safety and performance. Our comprehensive service will provide you with a spreadsheet containing all measurements conducted on-sight, allowing you to travel stress free.

Our Weighing Services

Caravans, Horse Floats, Camper Trailers and Boat Trailers:

Tyremasters Weigh My Vehicle will check and weigh your vehicle to ensure that your vehicle is within spec. Our service will weigh each axle so you know exactly where the weight is on your vehicle. With this information you can distribute the weight evenly across the vehicle to keep it safe and legal.

4WD and Commercial Vehicles:

4WD and commercial vehicle’s weight can add up after installing a tray, canopy and other major accessories, so it is easy to lose track of the vehicles weight. Tyremasters Weigh My Vehicle can also weigh your 4WD or commercial vehicle. Whether you have a work ute or a 4WD touring set up, Tyremasters Weigh My Vehicle can provide you with a report containing all measurements you need to know.

With the Roads and Maritime Services targeting overweight vehicles, there is a significant need to know whether your vehicle is still within legal limits before you travel.

What to do if your vehicle is overweight:

If you use our weighing service and find that your vehicle’s weight is illegal, we can source and install a full GVM suspension upgrade to suit your vehicle to get your weight back in check. At Highlands Tyremasters, we can provide onsite engineering to pass the GVM upgrade to ensure your vehicle is safe and road legal again.


Tyremaster Weigh My Vehicle will weigh your towing vehicle and camper trailer so that you are aware of what size towing rig is assigned to your vehicle, and your trailer contains the right amount of camping equipment. It is easy to oversize the Gross Vehicle Mass without realizing it, particularly with aftermarket installs that are not suitable. The report will include this information.

We provide an fully comprehensive report of your loaded and unloaded weights.


Tyremaster Weigh My Vehicle weighing your boat will assist you ensure that your towing meets relevant compliance regulations and is not dangerous.

We provide an fully comprehensive report of your loaded and unloaded weights.